Demo ReelsĀ 

Big Hit Pending

I portray the Donald!


I portray a gentlemanly mobster

The Mayor in Lucifer's Bride Part One!

The Mayor at a press conference!

The Mayor in Lucifer's Bride Part Three!

The Mayor makes a call to admonish his staff!

Man Enough


CIA Director

Planning the Ops


energy spoof

2016 Demo Reel

The latest Demo Reel of my acting skills!

In Transit

Officer LaDue confronts the main charatcter

The Mayor in Lucifer's Bride Part Two!

A conversation between the mayor and his aide!

The Wipe

I portray a CEO is this awarding winning short from the sparrow film project! Rated R for some!

Moments...An Evening with Bill W.

My performance as Bill Wilson

How the apple ads went wrong

spoof from college humor


Voiceover Sample