The End

Setting things right in the world

Cemetary Conversation

Explaining how it works to my young protege.

I am the director of a halfway house

Introducing new clients to the program

My video invitation to the United Solo Festival

Moments...An Evening with Bill W invitation

Big Hit Pending

I portray the Donald!

2016 Demo reel

The latest Demo Reel of my acting skills!


I portray a gentlmenly mobster

In Transit

Officer LaDue confronts the main charatcter

The Mayor in Lucifer's Bride Part One!

The Mayor at a press conference!

The Mayor in Lucifer's Bride Part Three

The Mayor makes a call to admonish his staff!

The Mayor in Lucifer's Bride part two!

A conversation between the mayor and his aide!


Voiceover sample

CIA Director

Planning the Ops

How the apple ads went wrong

spoof from college humor


energy spoof