Andrew Matthews Resume

Andrew Gerard Matthews


 Eileen Haves 212-249-0033


Ht: 5’11”                                                            Hr: Brown/Grey

Wt: 195 lbs.                                                       Eyes: Blue



Eileen Haves
Crash the Party Salmon Farmer WOW, Brazil
Kiehl's Wild Card Party Donald Trump Muriel Samuel
Billy on the Street Senator Billy Eichner
The Arc Shelf Father Simba Productions Politician Nick Gallo, Director Dean Snyder Jared Neumark, Director
Leading Energy Company CEO David Sauvage, Director Tim Cook Paul Briganti, Director
Funny or Die Loan Officer Jake Syzmanski, Director
Ajax Menelaus American Theater of Actors
The Set, NYC Donald Trump Phim Sheng
Houdini Father Secret Theater, Kirby Wright
Almost Maine Easton Beacon Theater
Blood & Rum Neville Theater for the New City
Shotgun Theater Festival Pa Gene Frankel Theater
8 Minute Madness Theater Fest Proprietor John Cooper, Director
Black Angels Over Tuskegee Major Layon Gray, Director
Alpha Jaws Dean Midtown Int’l Theater Fest
Crack Me Up Father Producers Club
Mistletoe Martyrs Bible Bob Greg Wilson, Director
Antlers on His Head Tubby Giovanna Aguilar, Director
Deadly Devotions Dan Murray ID Channel
Unusual Suspects: Gone Missing Lance Investigation Discovery
7 Deadly Sins: Anger Dan Osborne Dan Sharnoff, Director
Stalked Frank Investigation Discovery
On the Case with Paula Zahn Dan Matt Michelson, Director
Vanishing Criminal Kim Hyung Soo
Savior Bill Transcending Pictures
The Wipe CEO Steven Greenstreet
In Transit Office LaDue Justin Vanvoorhis
Winter Country Bobby Brian Paccione, Dir
Scorpion Sky Pretorious Oscar Prancer, Dir
Frozen House Peter Ashleigh Hydenberg, Dir
Love Stinks Teacher Craig Thompson, Dir
This is Equador Businessman Alvaro Donado
Stelara Ad Patient Iomedia, Producer
Astoria Federal Savings Banking Secret Nick Sasso, Director
Verizon UN Delegate Sweden Television
ESPN U Father Funny or Die
 Bob Luke: Acting Coach; Samantha Jones: Improv; Eric Gillet: Monologues, HB Studio
Mark Blum: Voiceover, HB Studios; Brette Goldstein: Scene Study; BA SUNY New Paltz